My Dad took a job with Target at the dawn of the 80’s, prompting a family relocation to Geelong from Melbourne when I was a chubby toddler. Early recollections include footy games at Kardinia Park; elevated views from a milk crate, big kids collecting aluminum cans for cash and Jacko cartwheeling across the field. Later on, I was party to the Gary Ablett Experience and freezing overnight sleep-outs for (losing) grand-final tickets. Despite no previous connection to Geelong, my parents became active participants, building a large circle of friends. Local academic advancement, volunteering, hard-work and a growing support network aided and abetted their blossoming professional lives.


By the time I was finishing high school in the mid 90’s, I couldn’t wait to escape. Around that time, I remember listening to Frank Costa’s relentless positivity about Geelong, even when the town hit a low point. At the time, I couldn’t see the things Frank did. A ‘nice place to raise a family’ was the antithesis of eighteen-year-old big city adventure dreams.


Many years later, after Melbourne and overseas stints, I begrudgingly returned to the region. As I went about rediscovering my hometown, I came to a shocking realisation: I was smitten. Frank Costa was totally on the money after all! Through my congenial ‘hospitality based’ research, I noticed that even non-breeders seemed to find life pretty appealing here. But I found that getting into the swing of things took time – and that was with plenty of insider knowledge and an established circle of buddies. I figured it must be hard-going for people coming in fresh, knowing very little about the region and with no connections or context. This website is an attempt to make life easier for newbies.


To newcomers, I really hope this information helps you to find your feet. Over time, I’d love this site to be a supportive community helping people and businesses adjust to local life, and making good.


If you’re considering moving here, starting a new business locally, relocating an existing business or investing in the Geelong, Bellarine & Surf Coast region, I hope this helps you though that decision making process. Take the plunge!


We’ll be improving this site when there’s some room on the credit card over time and welcome your suggestions on how to make it more useful. As this website is my bit-on-the-side, some information is (or will be soon) out of date. I’ll get to it when I can. Meantime, if you have a blog post contribution idea or other content brainwaves you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you.


Happy Geelong region relocating,


Emma Merrigan


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