St Albans Park is melting in the dark

The magnificent St Albans homestead was a leading Australian racing stud back in the 19th century. Phar Lap holed up here briefly before his celebrated 1930 Melbourne Cup victory. Much of the suburb of St Albans Park originates from a subdivision of that riverside estate and is dominated by 90’s era housing stock.

St Alban's Park home bordering the old homestead.

St Alban’s Park home bordering the old homestead.

Bordering Whittington and Breakwater, many dwellings offer features that pack a punch on the block size and finishing front. For this reason it’s attracting many first home buyer’s without the inclination, finance or skills to master a renovation themselves. In many homes there’s really nothing to do but add your own cosmetic flourishes over time. Price points are comparable with entry level homes in Armstrong Creek, offering bigger backyards and modern rather than brand new homes.

St Alban's Park streetscape

St Albans Park streetscape

St Albans Park is popular with both buyers and renters. It’s also enjoying decent yields just a smidge under some of Geelong’s top yielding suburbs.

There are older parts of St Albans Park offering period style homes and a mix of 60’s and 70’s era brick veneer styles. You’ll find some older units too.

St Alban's Park period sweetie

St Albans Park period sweetie

St Alban's Park mod squad

St Albans Park mod squad

Many of the families who originally bought here remain in this quiet suburb today.

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