Leopold - gateway to the Bellarine

Who wouldn’t want to live in a ‘burb that reminds you of Bugs Bunny’s finest?


Lodged between Moolap and Wallington and stretching from the Bay to Lake Connewarre, Leopold marks the approximate halfway mark from Geelong to the Bellarine.

The ocean front hobby farms are where it’s at, requiring a significant outlay. Good luck getting your mitts on one. For the most part, Leopold is modest family fare. It’s steadily grown as young families seeking more space or larger homes, at an affordable cost of entry, head east.

Leopold house and garden

Leopold house and garden

Schooling options are limited. Leopold Primary and kindergarten are local and large. Wallington and Moolap primary schools are around 5kms away. High schooling is further again into Newcomb Secondary College or to Drysdale’s various options.

Rezoned land on the perimeter regularly spawns new housing estates. In more established parts, hobby farms and larger blocks are gradually being gobbled up by low-level property developers.  There’s plenty of variety here across all price-points, from your garden variety McMansion, modern villa downsizer townhouse to 60’s and 70’s era retro gems on a range of larger block sizes.

Leopold is considered to be a decent and reliable investment spot. Although, with steadily increasing supply levels, the longer term outlook is harder to guage.

The Bellarine Rail Trail cuts through the northern edge of Leopold and on towards Queenscliff or back into Geelong. It’s popular with tourists and locals alike.

Gateway Plaza offers a Coles, mixed retailers and a medical centre. Newcomb is not far away with another couple of shopping centres.

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