Airey’s Inlet & Fairhaven

Beyond Anglesea further down the Great Ocean Road, you’ll find Aireys Inlet and adjoining Fairhaven, where the blocks get bigger, gravel roads are king and locals will scoff at the idea of you wanting to construct a fence. Entering the real estate market here is a tough gig. Securing even a humble holiday shack may find you harvesting a kidney or two.

Bush blocks are always on the market in Aireys and are often a substantial size. But you’ll pay. As you enter town, anything on the left towards water is considered good going. Proximity to Sunnymeade beach will more than make up for the fact your car will never be clean again. The golden mile is Eaglerock Parade, hugging the cliffs and offering amazing lighthouse views. To the right of the Ocean Road are more affordable but no less delightful bush outlooks on good-sized blocks. Aireys soon becomes Fairhaven as you pass the Aireys Pub (stop here though because it’s ace).

Aireys Inlet

Aireys Inlet


It’s holiday house central and home to ‘the Pole House.’ Prices here are serious and with families holding on to homes for generations, it can be difficult for newbies to crack. Take heart though because recent land releases in areas such as Narani Way and Forest Park can get you in the game. Trying before you buy is difficult in this neck of the woods. Permanent rental stock is almost non-existent as seasonal demand is far too attractive for holiday home owners. More often than not, leases are only offered short term.

A general store, Pub and post office are pretty much it in Aireys. Most other services you need are close by in Anglesea or Torquay. This place is full of ex-city dwellers who make it work by combining the 1.5 hour commute to Melbourne with working from home, usually with a surf or walk in between.

Fairhaven beach

Fairhaven beach

Aireys has it’s own primary school of around 120 kids. It’s a fairly traditional set up here but the vegie garden, chook shed and ocean view combination makes it feel as organic and rejuvenating as the Golden Door. The Kindergarten and childcare in Anglesea services the community in Aireys while Lorne (20 mins away) provides other options close by.

Aireys Inlet Primary School

Aireys Inlet Primary School

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