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Private School Fees Geelong Year 12 Students (basic tuition only)

Geelong Grammar School p-12
The Geelong College p-12
Christian College p-12
Kardinia International College p-12
Geelong Lutheran College p-12
Sacred Heart College 7-12
Covenant College p-12
Geelong Baptist College p-12
St Joseph’s College 7-12
St Ignatius College 7-12
Clonard College 7-12


Fees refer to the Year 12 basic tuition fee for 2016. Other levies may apply. Please also note that some basic fees offer a greater range of inclusions than others. We recommend consulting with each school for full fee disclosure – links above. 

Image by Marcus Wong Wongm

Geelong College Oval – Image by Marcus Wong Wongm


There’s literally something for everyone for those looking at private school education across Geelong, Bellarine and the Surf Coast. Fees cover every price point, from Geelong Grammar through to Clonard College’s egalitarian annual fee, that’s applied to every year level across the secondary girls school.

Beyond the historic reputations and alumni pedigree of top-of-the-fee-tree schools, supply and demand goes some way to explaining the desirability of Geelong’s private schools. Kardinia International College allegedly has four applications for every place available. Competition for spots at Sacred Heart College is also red hot, where academic results punch well above the fee structure.

Christian College, which began in 1980, operates a number of campuses outside Geelong’s traditional college belt in Newtown. It is capitalising beautifully on growth areas across the Bellarine and Surf Coast where it’s due to open a Torquay campus in the near future.

Aside from the variety of fees, the size and scale of the student bodies vary from large and boisterous through to more intimate school settings.

Many schools across Geelong are enjoy brilliant facilities on site, with access to enviable local outdoor options for organised sport and recreation.

Geelong’s Barwon River has a longstanding reputation as a rowing event venue, and still hosts the Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta.



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